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How many products can I track?

Unlimited! Some of our clients choose to track their entire product assortment. Others prefer to follow the 80/20 rule and track the 20% of their products that bring in 80% of their business. Either way, our system does not limit the number of products to track.

How many competitors can I track?

Unlimited! Some clients prefer to track some key competitors, whereas others prefer to track anyone selling any of their products. Either way, our system can handle as many competitors as you want us to track.

Can you track the competitors I choose? What if you aren’t already tracking them?

Sure! We can track any public site that you wish, regardless of whether or not we are currently tracking them. Each setup for each client is custom, so we can always track whatever sites you wish us to track.

I don’t know who my competitors are…

No problem! Chances are, your competitors are listing their products on some shopping engine or marketplace, and we can capture any and all retailers selling products on shopping engines and marketplaces. We can even do some research for you before you begin using our daily price tracking service to help you figure out who your competitors are, and which products and categories they compete with you on.

My competitors sometimes hide their prices by forcing you to add the product to the shopping cart before a price is displayed. Can you capture that price?

Sure! Our system can detect an Add-to-Cart price, add it to the cart, and then capture the price in the cart.

My competitors don’t list the UPC or Brand SKUs on their site. Can you still match the products?

We certainly can! We wish all sites just worked off of UPC, but the fact is, most sites don’t, and we’ve developed a highly sophisticated, proprietary software that is smart enough to search by whichever way works best for a given site. Our system works with whatever data is at our disposal to obtain the matches for your products.

I don’t sell branded items. Can you track comparable products to mine?

Sure! We can work with you to discover the attributes that are most important for each product, and match based on attribute.

Some of my products are sold in counts that are different than my competitors. Can you handle differences in Unit of Measure or Quantity?

We definitely can! Our proprietary technology is designed to be flexible enough to “do the math” to bring back a price that makes sense to you.

My industry sometimes has pricing for different tiers. Can you capture a specified tier, or multiple tiers?

Yes, we can. You can let us know which tiers you want us to track, and we will capture the price for that tier, or capture pricing for multiple tiers.

I use more than just my competitors’ prices in my pricing decision. Can I add additional data to your system to help me in the decision making process?

Sure! We can integrate your cost, shipping, inventory levels, or any other relevant data in to our system so that all the data is available to you in one place, aiding you in the decision making process. We can also capture as much of that data as is available on your competitors’ websites.

Will you use my data to help my competitors?

Never! Each client account is contained within its own separate portal. We’ll happily sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, though, so you can be sure that your data won’t be passed around.

How will I know how to use your system?

We will provide you with a comprehensive training, as well a User Guide. You’ll also be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager, who will be your personal liaison to answer any questions you may have, provide additional training, and work through any changes you’d like to make to your account.

Scanning once a day is too much for me. Can you scan less frequently?

Yes, we certainly can. Just let us know how often you’d like to scan, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Pricing in my industry is very dynamic. Can you scan pricing more than once per day?

Yes, we generally can. Before we begin, however, our programmers will need to review the details of your account to ensure that our scanning will not harm a competitors’ site, and that our anonymity will still be protected.

My competitors don’t list their prices online. Can you still gather them for me?

PriceManager is an online data gather tool. Therefore, we can gather any data that is available online. If information is not available online, we cannot gather it. However, if you do work with a Secret Shopper service, we can integrate that data within our system so that it’s all contained in one place to facilitate a simple decision-making process.

Can you track the pricing for Marijuana? Child Care Services? Car Washes? Nannies? Home Aides?

Nope! Sorry!

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