Optimize Your Electronic Equipment Prices with the Best-in-class AI-Powered Reporting and Analytics Tool

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Get meaningful, actionable pricing insights and competitive intelligence.

Turn your pricing into profits by integrating PriceManager's robust web-based solution into your system. Get analysis of your competitor's price and stock data with our simple yet intuitive interface. Scan your product assortment on various marketplaces and your rival's entire website. Export the insights to excel or any other format. Leverage the data to evaluate or adjust your product's pricing per market trend.

Time to make Data-driven Pricing Decisions.

Put an end to manually checking your competitor's pricing. Many times it's not even possible because of two major issues:

Different Pack Sizes

You may have different pack sizes from your competitors , which makes it difficult to know the exact pricing strategy. You need a powerful monitoring tool that can standardize the price per unit. PriceManager has a 'Unit of Measure' function that will do exactly that. See where your prices stand against your rivals and make necessary changes accordingly (if needed).

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Tiered Pricing Model

With bulk ordering, the pricing per unit gets cheaper. Moreover, your tiers may differ from your rivals. This makes it difficult for price checkers to know the exact competitors' pricing. Go with a technology that can resolve this issue. PriceManager is flexible enough to do the math and show you the most accurate results.

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How can PriceManager help

What if you knew how your competitors are pricing their products? Which competitors are selling lower than you, and which are higher? What if you could keep a tab on when and how they change their pricing?

Now, you can do all this with PriceManager.

This AI-driven tool allows you to find, monitor, and compare your pricing. However, it is not limited to that only. You can also learn more about their assortment status as well as any data points available on the product landing page.. We offer an end-to-end solution for competitor price analysis that operates 24/7. With this, you can get customized email alerts and easily manage your pricing.

You can track unlimited competitors. Furthermore, you can even check out individual products' details and discounts.

You can even see the pricing history of other vendors. For example, you can check how they'd priced their products on Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving day. This will let you understand the pricing strategy your rivals are following.

Our cutting-edge software will give you an analysis in a graphical representation and tabular form that is easy to understand. You can determine which vendors have decreased or increased their prices recently or at any moment. Compare their prices with yours and understand the gap. Based on this, develop an informed pricing strategy for your products to win the price war.

Time to Make Your Pricing Smarter

Most online customers choose a retailer based on their price. So, why not turn this into an opportunity? Plan your electrical equipment and components pricing wisely to get an edge over your competitors. Our smart and robust pricing software will make this task easier for you.

The tool uses unobtrusive web crawlers to track, compare your rival's stock and centralize the data for easy access.It streamlines your tracking process with enhanced efficiency and security.

Let's PriceManager Do The Legwork. You Focus on Your Other Critical Tasks.
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