Apparel Competitive Intelligence Software by PriceManager

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A tool that can drill down to different levels of fashion product pricing!

Monitor Your Competitor's Pricing Strategy

Manually searching for fashion products similar to yours can be tedious due to the different fabrics and styles of your competitor's products. Well, not anymore. With PriceManager, you can drill down to identify products by attributes. You can scan multiple vendors offering similar products like yours and develop an impactful pricing strategy for your clothing line. The industry is changing, brands are developing their own D2C platforms and restricting supplies to traditional retailers. Previously you might have been able to recover costs in end of season sales, now if you have to start discounting hard won profits will quickly fade away.

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Track, Analyze, and Compare Price

Leverage the power of our web-based monitoring and analytics tool. Search your product assortment on numerous marketplaces or simply scan your entire competitor's website. Our software will give you actionable insight into their prices and promotions. Analyze their history and current pricing strategy in our user-friendly, intuitive interface. You can even export this data to excel or any other format you prefer. Now, you can compare your and your rival's strategy and take relevant actions.

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Automate Competitor's Price Tracking

PriceManager comes with the power of AI enabling you to automate your competitor's pricing tracking. Now, you don't need to fill in your product information repeatedly. Our software will automatically save your preferences and keep you updated whenever your competitors change their product's pricing via customized email alerts.

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Multichannel Pricing

Keep your price relevant across all your digital touchpoints to drive more customers to your store. PriceManager gives you smart analytics and reporting on your competitor's price collected from different sources. This lets you adjust your product's pricing at scale with better precision.

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Get Hands-on Market Trends

The intuitive and agile dashboard gives you quick access to your competitor's pricing and stock. It will show you critical data in easy-to-understand tabular and graphical representation. Our state-of-the-art technology provides you with up to date information, helping you to keep up with the market trends.

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How Does PriceManager Help in Apparel Pricing?

There are no firmly standardized designs in the fashion industry, and pricing is highly volatile. You may know the challenges if you compare your products with your competitors' ones. Finding similarities in products is not enough. What if the material mix and size are not the same? You need a robust solution that can recognize this fact and give you analysis accordingly.

PriceManager can identify products based on attributes. You can find similar products from your rival's store. All you need to do is send us your entire or specific product assortment information, we will input the data on our software and let it do its magic in the background. Our powerful tool uses unobtrusive web crawlers which go directly to your competitors web sites to search for the right results. Once it collects all your competitor's data, like pricing, and stock, it will reflect the result in the dashboard.

Our proprietary technology can list your competitors' prices without the need forUPC or Brand SKUs. Our solution can obtain the matches from the listed data on the product landing page and detect an Add-to-Cart price.

Strategize Your Product Prices With PriceManager
PriceManager provides you insights into the rising and falling prices of your competitor's products similar to yours. Convert this data into an opportunity and optimize your product's prices to increase your sales and profits.
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