Lighting Competitive Intelligence Software

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Say No to Guesswork and Unmanageable Pricing Decisions. Make Data-driven Decisions for Impactful Pricing.

PriceManager lets you uncover complete competitors' pricing strategies. Analyze the data and curate a better pricing strategy for your business. You can easily compare your products with rivals to offer the best price and discounts. Thus, increasing customers, sales, revenue, profit, and loyalty.

Understand Your Competitor's Pricing Strategies

Search your lighting products or whole assortment on PriceManager. It matches your products with your competitors and shows you valuable competitive data directly into an intuitive dashboard, including prices, pricing history, stock, shipping, and much more. Utilize this information to create data-driven pricing strategies; Helping you thrive in this competitive landscape.

Intuitive Pricing dashboard

With the advent of Covid-19, the lighting industry has been hugely affected. Both manufacturers and retailers have to renegotiate their prices to stand out from the competition. Also, promotional activities in the recessionary market have intensified. This led to the need for a solution that could analyze competitors' pricing completely.

Moreover, the different tiered pricing model brings requirements for capturing quantities/prices for individual tiers. In addition, some manufacturers deal with short part numbers, which leads to a potential mismatch. You can't rely on manual matching and standard tools. You need a powerful reporting and analytics tool for accurate match and monitoring.

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PriceManager Competitive Intelligence

PriceManager can provide meaningful and actionable insights into your competitor's pricing structure and promotions. You can even check the promotions' date parameters, the product involved, and the discount depth. Not only does it help you minimize the effect of your competitor's promotional activity, but it also provides you with a baseline to make pricing predictions.

Our reporting and analytics tool has built-in AI-driven technology. It lets you compare your lighting products across multiple sites. Our software uses smart web crawlers that match your products by attributes. It also can standardize the unit to show you the most accurate results.

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Optimize Your Pricing Strategies

PriceManager shows you complete, comprehensive detail of your competitor's pricing. It automates 24/7 competitors' price monitoring and lets you know whenever they change their price. You can check how they'd priced their products on different days, including special occasions.

You can compare which rival's price is higher or lower than yours. Based on that, you can adjust your lighting prices efficiently to drive more customers and revenue.

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Why Choose PriceManager?


  • Compare unlimited competitors

  • Auto-tracking

  • Highly accurate matching and results

  • Search any specific product or a whole assortment

  • Scan individual websites, marketplaces, and shopping engines

  • Choose what promotions and prices you want to track, across any sites, and frequency

  • SaaS solution - no setup required


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard

  • Customizable charts and graphs

  • Complete market overview

  • Product price

  • Historical price trends

  • Other online available information about competitors' products


  • Customized email alerts

  • Complete analysis of competitors' pricing data

  • Export reports to excel and other formats

  • Customized reporting and data feeds

    Additional Features

  • Save time, resources, and money

  • Google Analytics and Secret Shopper Data integration

  • Highly secured

  • Separate portal for each client

  • Capture Add-to-cart price

  • Protect your anonymity when scanning

  • Provide technical training, a user manual, and a dedicated Account Manager for your help

  • Complete support of our data science experts

See Where You Stand Against Your Competitors with PriceManager
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