Leverage Data About Products from Diverse Music Retail Categories

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Take Advantage of Rapid Changes In Competitor Pricing

PriceManager has many clients in the Music Supplies space. Over the years, we have helped major players in this industry to monitor and enforce MAP policy while providing actionable insights to retailers.

We understand the consequences of MAP violations. If MAP pricing is breached, it can cause a domino effect that erodes profitability for all resellers and affects the brand's reputation.

The music industry is under threat from many directions.

It could be stock from foreign markets or discontinued lines from insolvent businesses. That then infects the retail landscape via online marketplaces. Brands and manufacturers must have a tool to identify MAP breaches, customise those alerts by channel, and provide the necessary evidence via screenshots.

The retail space is getting more competitive than it ever was. Your competitors who traditionally left their prices static from month to month are now changing prices on a daily basis.

With PriceManager, retailers can gain a massive advantage over their competitors. Let's learn about that in the section below.

PriceManager's Dynamic Repricing, and Price Monitoring
We Help Retailers receive actionable insights from your competitive landscape.

For retailers, this is an industry heavily reliant on discretionary spending. When you combine that with the possible onset of a recession, you will see two main effects. Firstly retailers will move to a value price strategy, margins will become squeezed, and it will be essential to understand the competition's price points to ensure prices are not too low.

Secondly, promotional activity will intensify. Promotions are one of the hardest activities to monitor. Usually, you only notice a promotion in place when sales figures are reviewed and the drop in volume is detected. A promotional intelligence tool in place will report a promotion starting within 24 hours, note the products, and give the depth of the discount. Let's understand what other benefits PriceManager has for you.
Reporting & Price Analytics

PriceManager helps suppliers from the musical space use our proprietary reporting and price analytics technology. It allows them to analyse massive chunks of historical data to help them prepare for the coming seasons or months. Using this tool, you'll see your top competitors pricing strategies and use this information to adapt your prices as per their decision.

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MAP monitoring

Minimum Advertised Price or MAP violation software is extensively used in the music industry. Retailers can use PriceManager to spot MAP violators and competitors violating MAP agreements. Our AI-driven platform can also document these occurrences. Therefore, you don't have to maintain a manual checking process. PriceManager will compile all the details in a single place, take screenshots and automatically generate an enforcement email to bring that reseller in line. Today, our clientele includes high-profile music brands that have scaled aggressively in the last few years. They continue to use our platform because it's scalable too.

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Scan Numerous Markets Via Single Account

PriceManager can easily monitor numerous websites and marketplaces. It can even scan markets that include other currencies as well. You can access all these features from your same account on the platform.

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Dedicated Pricing Dashboard

You can use PriceManager's dashboard to track stock and price movements. We provide clients with this intuitive interface that presents reports in which products or items are segmented into different categories, brands, or suppliers.

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Are You Interested? Let's Team Up.

PriceManager has brought astounding sales for many clients in the music industry. Due to our price monitoring and dynamic pricing tool, they are still making month-on-month growth. Contact our experts if you want a robust, professional-grade price monitoring tool.