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In-Depth Competitors Price Reporting and Analytics Tool

Leverage Market Trends to Optimize Your Pricing Strategies in Line with Competitors.

Utilize PriceManager's Competitive Intelligence capabilities to monitor competitors' pricing models. Search any of your nutrition and/or food supplement products across multiple sites. Compare their pricing model with yours from an intuitive dashboard. Get customized reporting and alerts whenever your rivals change their pricing. Use these valuable insights to create more value from combination deal packages or large pack sizes, offering volume discounts to drive more customers.

Our reporting and analytics tool allows you to track similar products from the private label range. For example, a site offering cross deals, like buy Vitamin A and get Vitamin C - PriceManager can extract all the data points from the product landing page. If the promotion is displayed on the category landing page or home page, the software can drill down through the banner and capture all the required information.

Complete Solution to Adjust A Product's Pricing for A Better Business Future

PriceManager is a web-based, AI-powered competitor intelligence solution; It is built to address various product matching challenges of the nutrition and/or food supplement industry.


  • No standardized packaging

  • Different flavors, sizes, weights, and quantities

  • Availability and price change with location

  • Brand names are often used interchangeably

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    PriceManager Solution

  • Match products by attributes

  • Understand the variations and brings you most similar products like yours

  • Standardize the Unit of Measure to match equal levels

  • Capture quantities/prices for individual tiers to show you accurate results

However, some nutrition and/or food supplement products are unique, making it difficult to find the right match. That's where our data science experts will help you. They'll manually check for your competitors who sell products somewhat like yours. We recommend you add these competitors in our system so you can track them and change your pricing strategies whenever required.

    What Can You Do with PriceManager?

    Competitor Price Analysis

    Search your nutrition and/or food supplement products across multiple sites, marketplaces, and shopping engines. Get actionable insights into your competitor's pricing strategy. Automatically track your competitors and keep updated. You can check individual products for more details, like shipping and stock availability. And turn this into an opportunity.

  • Custom reporting and data feeds

  • Export data to excel or any other format

  • Complete market overview

  • Customizable charts and graphs

  • Scan unlimited competitors

  • Highly accurate matching

  • Scan competitors who have hidden their prices or don't list the UPC or Brand SKUs

  • Secured

  • Your privacy will be protected when scanning

  • Experts support

    MAP Tracking and Enforcement

    Having a MAP policy is not enough. Continuously monitoring vendors and sending them violation notifications is also required. This helps manufacturers to maintain brand integrity and online distribution.

    PriceManager allows you to keep an eye on all your vendors. If they try to violate the Minimum Advertising Pricing policy, the system will instantly detect and let you know. Moreover, it will automatically notify them that they've been identified.

  • Track vendors 24/7

  • Historical violation trends

  • Automated MAP enforcement emails

  • Screenshots date and time Stamped attached to emails

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Check Brand Placement

Your brand positioning on search/shopping engine results greatly impacts your sales. PriceManager can let you search for your brand positioning. You can check your nutrition and/or food supplement brand's position vs. competitors in certain categories or for specific keywords.

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Let PriceManager Monitor Your Competitor's Pricing Tactics
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