MAP Policy

Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

As a manufacturer, you need to protect your brand equity and establish a threshold for your product pricing before distributing them to vendors. When it comes to this aspect of your business, PriceManager can provide the right solutions to keep you updated with your vendors’ product prices.

We provide reliable tracking software to ensure your vendors are complying with the Minimum Advertised Pricing policy. We keep you updated with MAP violations, while providing real-time access to online listings of your products.

Send Automatic Notifications

With PriceManager, you can automatically communicate and notify resellers of any MAP policy violations to ensure smooth operations. Our software makes it easier to track your products online, so you can send alerts and inform sales reps of any pricing compliance issues. PriceManager software will provide automated emails to violators, making MAP policy enforcement easier and more streamlined.

Know Your Place in the Competition

Our software doesn’t only assist with MAP policy monitoring; the system also allows you to track the competition. PriceManager provides you with the technology to compare prices from other manufacturers selling similar products. With just a few clicks, you can collect pricing data on different distributors in over 30 countries.

Protect Your Product Value with PriceManager

Monitor your product pricing the right way with our comprehensive software. Using our automated tracking solutions, you can boost your profits and improve your relationship with vendors. Contact us for more information about how our software works—we’ll be more than glad to address any concern about our solutions.

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