Overcoming Brand Challenges

Keep a Tab of Your Competitors' Pricing and Promotional Strategies

In today's extremely competitive eCommerce space, the challenges of both retailers and manufacturers can profoundly impact a brand's revenue growth, especially D2C brands. Constant market monitoring and analyzing the competitive promotional prices are the key to developing profit-driven strategies, winning customers, and gaining sales.

However, staying one step ahead of the competition is challenging, especially when several other brand challenges are moving concurrently. And you could be in deep water unless you switch to a smarter, proactive, and data-driven pricing solution.


What Key Challenges is Your D2C Brand Facing?

  • No tool or technology to monitor competitive prices
  • Lack of actionable insights into competitors' product and pricing strategies
  • Low digital shelf and search rankings
  • Limited data regarding assortment gaps
  • Lack of resources to collect competitive price data from multiple channels

The major challenges a brand faces from the marketing and sales channel ends would be:

  • The market and customers might feel that your products are overpriced if the channel charges an enormous mark-up.
  • Customers and the market might assume that your products are of inferior quality or lack features if the channel sets an extremely low price.
  • The market and customers might assume that your products are difficult to find if the channel is understocked.
  • Customers and the market might assume that your products fall short of standards if the channels do not present all the model features.

Do You Have a Price Monitoring Solution That Can Help You Go Through All These Brand Challenges?

If Not, It's Time to Set PriceManager in Action!


Leverage Price Intelligence and Monitoring to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market

Nine out of ten buyers check prices online before buying a product. So, if your competitor sells the same product as yours at a comparatively low price, you might lose customers.

This makes it crucial for brands to keep an eye on competitive prices and adjust their own strategies accordingly. With PriceManager's AI-enabled price monitoring tool, you can easily view the market trends and analyze the competitors' price movements to reprice your products, converting shoppers into potential customers.


Regulate Prices Faster Than Ever

Amazon reviews the prices of millions of its products frequently to offer its customers the best deals, and with our price intelligence services, you can too.

With PriceManager's price intelligence solution powered by AI and ML algorithms, data related to competitors' pricing and product strategies refreshes daily You can monitor these pricing fluctuations and duly adjust to outsmart the competition.


Set Competitive Prices While Maintaining Your Profit Margins

We not only focus on price monitoring but also help you optimize your pricing strategies based on smart recommendations. Our intuitive tool works in multiple areas and gathers information regarding all the crucial sections, such as market trends, historical pricing data, competitors' approaches, price thresholds, and competitive promotional strategies.

Focusing on all these parameters helps you deliver the best customer experience while protecting your margins and enhancing ROI.


Base Your Pricing Strategy on the Analytics and Data

It's always better to base and support your critical decision-making and product pricing strategies on facts and analytical data. Being attentive to customer needs and your competitors' tactics could help you stay one step ahead in the market.

    A Complete Package of Robust Features at Your Fingertips

  • Accurate and detailed product matching data

  • Reports regarding historical pricing strategies

  • Alerts about changing trends related to the pricing

  • Interactive dashboard to track, manage, and report competitive prices

  • Assist in curating competitive prices and assortments

  • Leverage analytics to get insights into crucial market trends

  • Efficiently monitor prices of thousands of SKUs

  • Easily exports data reports in excel and other formats

Don't Let Your Competitors Win the Price War. Boost your Brand Image with the Best in Class Pricing Intelligence Solution.

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