Medical, Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Software

Robust Reporting and Analytics Tool to Win in this Fierce Competitive Landscape.

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Access Valuable Competitive Information to Craft an Impactful Pricing Strategy

AI-Driven Technology for Complete Visualization of Competitors Pricing Structure. Power up your pricing game with PriceManager. Don't settle on low profits. Plan your price strategically based on data rather than historical models that have served you well in the past, things have changed. PriceManager lets you search your products on unlimited websites, marketplaces, and shopping engines. Compare their strategies with yours. Utilize the data to develop a profitable pricing model.

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PriceManager Is the Key to Unlock Your Right Pricing Strategy

Designed for Every-Sized Company to Make Informed Pricing Decisions. PriceManager's enhanced pricing analytics let you understand competitors' pricing structures. It centralizes the whole data in an intuitive dashboard. You can easily check each rival's pricing and promotional offers on different dates. This will give you a complete and accurate idea of your rival's pricing strategy. Use this data to rule in your field. Create impeccable pricing and promotional strategies to keep both customers and profit high.

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Powerful and Reliable Competitors' Price Monitor Solution

Ease Monitoring Pain with PriceManager. With the advent of marketplaces (like Amazon), the competition has become more fierce. Medical and pharmaceutical companies are fighting for each dollar.

What if you can price cheapest while maintaining a good profit? What if you can get a complete analysis of competitors selling higher or lesser than you? This may seem like a dream. But not now.\

With PriceManager, you can actually do all these things. Our solution will provide a 360-degree view of market trends to help you develop unbeatable pricing strategies. Unlike standard tools and manual checking, it can efficiently overcome all the monitoring challenges.

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  • Highly competitive industry

  • Less profit margin on many products

  • A large number of SKUs

  • Traditional static pricing strategy

  • Difficulty tracking and enforcing MAP (Minimum Advertised Policy)

  • No access to the broad market

    PriceManager Competitive Intelligence

  • Competitor analysis to stay a step ahead of the competition

  • Make smart pricing decisions for increased profit and bucket size

  • Scan thousands of SKUs across unlimited online shops

  • Recommended Dynamic pricing strategies

  • Perform daily MAP (Minimum Advertised Policy) tracking and enforcement

  • Complete visualization of market trends

    Best-in-class SaaS Solution That Completely Fits Your Needs

  • Web-based software - no need to setup

  • Industry experts who do all the heavy lifting

  • Just send us your products on a template and nominate the sites to be tracked

  • Customized reporting and datafeeds

  • Search specific products or a whole assortment

  • Scan unlimited websites

  • Export data to excel and other formats

  • Customized charts and graphs

  • Automated, customized email alert whenever any of your competitors change their pricing

  • Check individual competitors' products based on category, brand or a basket of goods pricing

  • Accurate products pricing

  • Historical pricing trends

  • Highly accurate matching and results

  • Gather Add-to-cart pricing, shipping, and other available product information

  • Google Analytics and Secret Shopper Data integration

  • Discover brand position for specified keywords or in certain categories

  • Automated MAP enforcement emails

  • Historical MAP violation trends

  • Unauthorized vendor discovery

  • Highly secured

  • Protect your anonymity when scanning

  • Flexible enough to determine similarities and dissimilarities in products

  • A dedicated Account Manager and training provided

  • Capture Add-to-cart prices

  • Our data science experts support

  • Strategy sessions with industry experts

Make Smart and Revolutionary Pricing Decisions with PriceManager

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