Printers, Office Supplies Price Monitoring Software

A Robust Competitor Price Monitoring Solution to Help You Craft Cohesive Pricing Strategy.

Printers, Office Supplies Price Monitoring Software

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Track Your Competitors in Any Country, or Online Shop

No Limit. Scan Thousands of SKUs Across Unlimited Competitors.

PriceManager is designed for both retailers and manufacturers to navigate through the highly competitive landscape. With us, it's so easy to keep an eye on competitors and take a record of their pricing strategy.

Our solution will provide valuable and actionable insights into your competitors' strategies. And let you know your pricing position in the market. All you need to do is provide us with a file of your products and we will do all the heavy lifting.

PriceManager will scan all your competitors daily and bring back your competitor's prices and any other data points from the product landing page you require. If your competitors offer BORIS and BOPIS, free shipping, curbside delivery and you're not, you need to know.

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Be an Active Player in Your Industry with a Proactive Pricing Model

AI-Driven Reporting and Analytics Tool for Accurate Results.

Save your time and resources. Integrate PriceManager into your system and let it do the monitoring for you. Stop using skilled team members from the merchandising or Marketing teams to manually investigate your competitors prices.

We will compare your assortment across multiple websites, marketplaces, and shopping engines. You'll get meaningful and highly accurate results and this comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that shows you 360-degree market trends through charts and graphs.

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Stay a Step Ahead in Price War with PriceManager

Monitor Both Competitors and Suppliers to Fuel Your Pricing Game.

The office supplies industry is full of competition. There are a lot of challenges in planning the impactful pricing structure to drive both customers and high-profit.

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Thousands of SKUs

Similar and interchangeable parts

Need to monitor both competitors and suppliers

Some competitors hide their prices on product pages

    PriceManager Competitive Intelligence Solution

  • Search unlimited products

  • Flexible enough to recognize the similarities and differences in the products

  • Match products by attributes

  • Efficiently help you monitor both competitors and suppliers

  • Capture the Add-to-cart price

PriceManager Competitive Intelligence Solution

    Best-in-class Competitors Pricing Intelligence Solution with Incredible Features.

  • Web-based solution

  • Automatically track competitors

  • Highly accurate matching

  • Complete analysis of competitors' pricing structure

  • Bulk data management

  • Check individual competitors' products for more detail, like stock availability, features, etc

  • Export data to excel or any other format

  • Search unlimited products and competitors

  • Custom reporting and datafeeds

  • Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Tracking and Enforcement

  • Google Analytics and Secret Shopper Data integration available

  • Standardize the Unit of Measure

  • Capture prices/quantities for individual tiers

  • Highly secure data management

  • Protect your anonymity when we scan your competitors sites

  • Easier to handle large amounts of data

  • Training provided and a dedicated Account Manager

  • Our data science experts support you with inside industry intelligence

Step Up Your Pricing Strategies with PriceManager

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